The Four Eternal Artifacts

In 1909, the people of Beertown decided that the Time Capsule was to retain these four artifacts in perpetuity. They remain in the Time Capsule today, and are available for public view at every quinquennial:

  1. The Original Beer Recipe – It could be argued that the deliciousness indicated on this crucial piece of paper is the only reason any of us are here today.
  2. Aloysius Thompson’s suicide note – This note replaced the gun that Thompson took with him on his journey from New York to Beertown. In 1903, the Time Capsule was unearthed not as part of our now-cherished ceremony, but to check the gun for the fingerprints of Thompson’s late son, Richard, who was thought to be involved in a murder several years earlier. Aloysius Thompson, knowing the truth, drowned himself in the Thakiwaki River the morning the proceedings were to take place, leaving a heartfelt note behind. This artifact remains in the Time Capsule to remind us that the past must be occasionally reassessed in order to better understand the truth.
  3. A hand-beaded collar by Kowani of the Thakiwaki tribe – A symbol of our early friendship with the native people of Beertown. Though there aren’t many people of Thakiwaki decent in the Beertown region today, we honor their memory.
  4. Stereoscope and 14 photos of Beertown’s early citizenry – The stereoscope was an early 3-D viewing device (much like the View Masters many of us had as children), and was cutting-edge technology when entered into the Time Capsule in 1903. In addition to this symbol of Beertown’s inventive spirit, the stereoscope was entered with 14 images of early Beertown citizens, giving us a valuable look at the people who made our town great.

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