The Four Eternal Artifacts

In 1909, the people of Beertown decided that the Time Capsule was to retain these four artifacts in perpetuity. They remain in the Time Capsule today, and are available for public view at every quinquennial:

  1. A hand-beaded collar by Kowani of the Thakiwaki tribe – A symbol of our early friendship with the native people of Beertown. Though there aren’t many people of Thakiwaki decent in the Beertown region today, we honor their memory.
  2. The Original B&T Beer Recipe – It could be argued that the deliciousness indicated on this crucial piece of paper is the only reason any of us are here today.
  3. Water from the Thakiwaki River – The water of our beloved river that was so pure that Thompson and Bramblethorpe decided to settle here to open their brewery.
  4. A Bible from one of Beertown’s founding families, the Fassbinders – This family bible contains all the births, marriages and deaths in the Fassbinder family; some of the earliest records of the town we have. Ada Dorothy Beckner (nee Fassbinder) was permitted in 1951 to write in the births and deaths of her three children.

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