From Eternals to Eternity

Just three letters separate our Eternals from Eternity, but in the minds of we citizens of Beertown the difference is even less significant. It is no accident that Eternals is alphabetically before Eternity; each of the three letters in Eternals comes before its corresponding partner in Eternity.
Let’s explore each of these relationships.
A vs. I
Each of our eternal artifacts is just that. “A(n)” object. They are significant for every “I” in the town’s history. Without each of these objects the town would not be what it is today, and that lesson will continue on into the future.
L vs. T
Lies vs. Truth? Love vs. Tact? Literal vs. Tacit? These are exactly the kinds of questions that we have been asking ourselves for as long as we can remember. These artifacts lead that crusade and will ensure our/their importance as we approach the diminishing curve of forever.
S vs. Y
Sanctity. These objects are important. Do not bother yourself in the “Why” of this. If they were not important they would not be Eternals. Q.E.D.

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