Meet the Mayor

Welcome to Beertown – a small town with a big heart!

The best part of living in a small town (besides besides getting to walk in parades) is the opportunity to know your neighbors, make great friends, and work towards enriching each other’s lives. Through our “Meet the Mayor” program, we seek to strengthen the connection between our residents and the civil servants who work for our community.

“Meet the Mayor” sessions are held on the 4th Wednesday of every month at City Hall at 7:30 P.M.  This is an opportunity for us to get together to discuss your interests, concerns, and thoughts regarding our community. And as always, we will have pie and coffee served by the fine women of the Beertown L.E.G.S.

Please join us.

View of Beetown from City Hall

View of from City Hall out to Beertown.


Meet the Mayor’s Office: Beertown City Management

Michael Soch, Mayor. Mayor Soch is a Beertown native,  serving his second full term. He founded the Soch Shop in 1997 as a community meeting place and coffee shop. In his spare time, he enjoys volunteering in the community and spending time with his daughter, Michael Soch, Jr.

Marcie Walker, City Clerk. Ms. Walker is a native of Praline who is happy to have found a home in Beertown 5 years ago. She holds a Master’s from Northwestern University.

William O’Grady, City Attorney. Dr. O’Grady has served as Beertown’s City Attorney for 15 years. He holds a Master’s of Jurisprudence from UC Davis.

Amanda Marinez, City Manager. Ms. Martinez is happy to be serving her community after returning from her master’s studies at State. He oversees Beertown’s General Services, Public Works, Fire, Police, Library Services, and Recreation & Senior Services departments. 


Serving Beertown

Highlighted Accomplishments from Mayor Soch’s Second Term

  • Green Initiative: The Mayor’s office has gone virtually paperless, utilizing Google Docs and Forms as well as the Cloud for inter-office communication.
  • “Meet the Mayor” Events
    • To open access to all citizens of Beertown to have accessibility and transparency of government
  • The Spirit of Cooperation: Under Mayor Soch’s guidance, Beertown has passed a unanimous balanced budget for three consecutive years.

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